Fundraising For All
Professional Fundraising, Bid Writing & Tender Services
Need to secure funding for one off activities? or on-going activities, or writing an application or tender? New to fundraising and needing support in getting started?


We help write applications, bids and tenders, develop Fundraising Strategies and Business Planning for Voluntary and Not-for-Profit organisations and provide business planning support for the voluntary and not-for-profit and constituted groups

Fundraising For All


Fundraising For All



  • Business Planning and business planning support 
  • Developing a Fundraising Strategy for a one-off project or ongoing activities
  • Developing Social Enterprise Activities and securing “kick start” funding
  • Fundraising Opportunities Research (Charitable Trusts and Foundations, Local Authority, The Big Lottery Fund, Sports England, Corporate)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities and projects
  • Fundraising Health Check
  • Fundraising Opportunities Research
  • Reviewing and editing pre-written tender and bid responses
  • Outcome monitoring for contracts, projects, activities and services


Fees charged are based on either an hourly rate or on a fixed fee for an agreed assignment. We do not work on commission.

The hourly rate is fixed and we do not charge for the first meeting.

All costs are agreed before work is carried out and this is detailed within a signed Service Level Agreement (which is drawn up prior to work starting); to ensure transparency between consultant and client

We are full certified fundraising members, have a Certificate in Fundraising Management and abide by the Institute of Fundraising (IOF) rules, regulations and best practice guidelines.

Our rates are based on the average salary of a professional fundraiser (with our level of experience, qualifications and track record) plus a small percentage to cover overhead costs etc.

The average income to expenditure ration is 1:113 (for every £1 spend on fundraising £113 is returned). This obviously this varies from each client and nature of application and funder.


Would you like to discuss your idea with a professional fundraiser?

Are you looking for support to meet your fundraising targets?

Do you have a good idea for your organisation or group and would like to know if you will be able to secure funding to develop the idea further?

We’d love to hear from you. Please send us the details of your request on and we'll be happy to assist.